On-line rehearsals FAQs

How will the rehearsals work
The format will be similar to the normal rehearsals, with Ian teaching at the piano.  There will be two 35 / 40 minute sessions each week at 7:15pm on Mondays and Thursdays for 10 weeks, starting 20th April.  You can either watch “live” at that time or access the session afterwards at a time that suits you.  All the rehearsals will remain available online so you can repeat or catch up as necessary.
How do I access the rehearsals?
YouTube, which is easily accessible through all computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. You don’t need to have an account - just an internet connection.  We’ll provide a link that will take you straight to the rehearsals.  

How do I get the sheet music?
Each Friday, you will receive an email with links to the music you’ll need for the following week. There are multiple download options to make it easy for everyone and full instructions will be provided to help you print or store the music on your tablet, etc.  If you are catching up, you will have access to all songs published to date.  

Will there be rehearsal tracks?
Yes - we’ll publish these in the coming weeks.  Similar to the music, they will be accessible in a variety of ways and can either be streamed on your device or downloaded.   

Will it be weird singing by myself? 
Less than you may think - most of us do it all the time when listening to music.  We also hope to be able to feature some singers in future rehearsal sessions so you won’t be alone! 

What songs will we be singing?
The latest version of the programme is available here, along with links to commercial tracks so you can familiarise yourself with the songs. As always, the programme will be subject to change.

Will there be lyrics projected for the choir at the concerts?
Yes, but we’d still encourage you to learn and memorise as much as you can before the concerts.

Can I speak to someone about any questions or issues? 
Of course!  The Choir Secretary will always be available by email: dave@praisegathering.org.uk

I've missed the first rehearsals - am I too late to join the choir?
NO!  The virtual rehearsals mean there is no limit to the number of singers that can learn the songs with us - we’ll worry about how we all get on stage later!  It also means people can join after the rehearsal season has started and get up to speed at their own pace.  Registration is via the website (see top of homepage). 

Will the concerts be held in June 2020 as planned?
We don’t know yet.  Our booking at the Glasgow Royal Concert Hall still stands - if the restrictions are still in place in June, we’ll try to reschedule for another weekend later in the year once things become clear.  By rehearsing now, we’ll be more prepared and hopefully enjoy the “virtual” fellowship of singing praise together.